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Tow truck driver nabbed speeding nearly 50km/h over limit in community safety zone

A tow truck is pulled over by police in Caledon Village on Mon., Feb. 19, 2024. (Source: OPP/X) A tow truck is pulled over by police in Caledon Village on Mon., Feb. 19, 2024. (Source: OPP/X)

Provincial police are sending a strong message after charging a tow truck driver for allegedly speeding in a community safety zone in Caledon Village.

Police say a large flatbed tow truck was stopped for passing vehicles at a speed of 96 kilometres per hour in the posted 50 zone on Monday morning.

The driver was charged with stunt driving as per the Highway Traffic Act, which states motorists travelling 40 km/h or more in an area where the speed limit is less than 80 km/h receive an automatic stunt driving charge.

"A commercial driver should know this, especially a tow truck driver, who often is called upon to remove vehicles because of stunt driving offences," noted OPP Const. Ian Michel.

The tow truck driver was also handed a month-long licence suspension and vehicle impoundment for two weeks because of the offence.

"Yes, the roadside sanctions are harsh and will affect your being able to go to work, take your kids to sports, and complete your weekend event, but there is a simple solution to prevent all of that - take your foot off the gas and slow down," finished Const. Michel. "Problem solved." Top Stories


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