BARRIE, ONT. -- There's another giant snowman in town to delight families.

Some Barrie residents used the white stuff Mother Nature provided over the holidays to construct large snow creations.

A 17-foot tall snowman towers over the houses on Frost Trail after Chad Hanna dedicated hours shaping it.

"It's just nice to see people drive by and smile and take pictures and go, 'oh wow, that's cool!" Hanna said.

And now, there's another huge snowman in the northwest part of the city.

Justin MacNeil said the Frost Trail snowman inspired his own four-tiered creation that stands next to a light post on Lowrie Court.

"[We] just kept going higher and higher and higher until we ran out of snow and just finished it, and sculpted it out and basically put our noses and smiles on it," MacNeil said.

News of the latest snowman hit social media, and MacNeil said it's gaining popularity. "We've probably had a couple of hundred people come by."

MacNeil said he wanted to find a way to keep the kids happy during the extended winter break.

"Right now, with COVID and all the kids being locked down, and everyone's out of school, we're just trying to keep them entertained and get them out of the house. [A] little bit of fresh air -- just keep them all smiling," he concluded.