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Spring-like temperatures call for early boat launching season


Today is the day that boaters around the region eagerly anticipate every year.

"It is an early start. This is the earliest we've launched in the 40 years I've been doing this," said boat owner Dave Carr.

The mild winter and early spring allowed marinas to open early.

"The hydronic trailer basically goes in and picks the boat up in the yard and brings it over to the travel lift here, and then we pick it up with the travel lift and then launch it," said Steve Goddard, the general manager of Bay Port Marine.

The goal is to have around 400 boats in by May for the long weekend, which is more than two weeks ahead of schedule.

Maple Leaf Marinas is Canada's largest marine group, managing 20 marinas.

"We honestly thought a few weeks ago we'd be even earlier, but then we got that random snow storm a couple of weeks across pretty much across the whole area. We have some marinas that have started putting boats in the water while others are prepping to get boaters in water this week and next week," said Karen Trottola at Maple Leaf Marinas.

Most boats at Lefroy Harbour sit in slips on land as marinas along Lake Simcoe prepare for the season.

"We started last week. We launched at Lake Simcoe Marine. It's all in the water today. We are starting in Kon-Tiki Marine, which is is five minutes south of here, and here in Lefroy. We are starting on Thursday," said Moe Elnewishy from Lake Simcoe Marinas.

"All boaters are actually calling now asking when the boats will be launching they are gearing up to start the season," said Elnewishy.

Many local marinas will launch boats in the next few weeks, as most boaters prefer to have them in the water by the long weekend of May. It's important to remember that the water may still be icy and hazardous if you plan on going out this month. Top Stories

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