The Township of Oro-Medonte says the removal of top soil at Burl’s Creek Event Grounds was illegal.

Construction crews have been busy at Burl's Creek clearing the land where the Barrie Speedway used to be. More roadways are being added to the property, but the decision to remove top soil from this farmland got the event grounds operators in trouble.

"It’s in contravention to township bylaw to remove top soil from agricultural zoned land from one property to another," says township spokesperson Samah Othman.

Concerned residents say they complained to the township when they spotted the top soil being removed last week.

“This is prime agriculture land and they just desecrate it,” says Bruce Wiggins of Save Oro. “They don't seem to care."

However, Burl's Creek has now reached an agreement with the township.

“We were advised by the Township of Oro-Medonte that the relocation of some earth, across internal property lines, was not in compliance to existing bylaws and we have since found a resolution with the Township to move forward,” says Burl’s Creek spokesperson Ryan Howes.

The event ground has until Dec. 13 to put the top soil back.

In October, Burl's Creek was fined more than $200,000 after pleading guilty to several infractions. Those infractions were related to construction last March and June, as well as for holding part of the Automotive Flea Market on land zoned only for agriculture.

Bylaw officers will continue to monitor the work being done and if Burl's Creek doesn't put the top soil back by Sunday, the township says charges could be laid.