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Recycling collection delays in Barrie prompt additional resources

Recycling collection crews in Barrie are playing catch-up, picking up Friday's bins on Tuesday, to the frustration of many residents.

"It's crazy. It's been sitting out here for like four days. I had to clean it up this morning. It's kind of been thrown all around by the snow plow," said Barrie resident Allie Kamel.

The City said several issues are behind the delay, including weather and staffing issues, plus crews were already behind due to the Family Day long weekend.

Recycling bins covered in snow sit at the curb of a residence in Barrie, Ont. (CTV News/Rob Cooper)

"The contractor has brought in more trucks from other regions, as well as additional contractors to catch up," noted Scott Lamantia, City of Barrie.

Crews may collect blue bins on Saturday to ensure recycling collection is back on track.

However, a potential snowstorm by the week's end could make things challenging as many residents continue to dig out their snow-covered bins at the curb.

Environment Canada says more snow is possible on Friday, reminding residents that winter isn't quite over yet.

Dave Phillips, Environment Canada senior climatologist, noted the last 10 months have been warmer than usual in the City of Barrie, with just two days below -20C, whereas last year, the temperatures plunged below -20C on 17 days.

"On average, we get about 46 centimetres of snow in the Barrie area after the first of March, so about 17 per cent of our annual total is yet to fall on average," explained Phillips.

Meanwhile, the City said it would be moving away from Waste Connections, the company currently handling curbside collection, and had awarded the new contract to a different contractor following a "competitive RFP (request for proposals)."

The City added the current collection delays "didn't impact" its decision to go with a new company.

The new contract starts in May 2024.

The recycling delays do not impact garbage and organics collection, the City concluded. Top Stories

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