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Premier Doug Ford announces $6.3M reward to City of Barrie for exceeding housing targets


Ontario Premier Doug Ford stopped in Barrie on Friday morning to announce that the City would be rewarded millions of dollars for exceeding its 2023 housing targets.

"Barrie is getting it done on housing, and we are proud to reward them for their success," said Ford.

The premier was joined by Minister of Municipal Affairs Paul Calandra, Barrie Mayor Alex Nuttall, and MPPs Andrea Khanjin and Doug Downey at the Southshore Centre along Lakeshore Drive.

The province is providing the City more than $6.3 million through the Building Faster Fund for breaking ground on 1,716 new housing units last year.

The Building Faster Fund, introduced in August 2023, is a three-year initiative to motivate municipalities to address the housing shortage crises plaguing the province.

Earlier this year, the City said it was well on its way to reaching the province's target of 23,000 housing units by 2031.

The City said it also issued planning approvals for nearly 15,000 housing units at the end of last year.

"I'm so proud of Mayor Alex Nuttall and his council colleagues for exceeding their housing targets last year. My challenge to Mayor Nuttall and to every mayor in Ontario is to get even more homes built in the coming years so we can make life more affordable and keep the dream of homeownership alive for families across the province.

We'll be there to support you every step of the way," the premier added.

Nuttall said the funding would help to propel the City's efforts to create various housing options to suit its residents' needs, "including our young people and seniors, while ensuring Barrie remains a thriving community to call home."

On Thursday, the Government of Canada supported the City's housing goals with over $25.6 million to fast-track developments and remove the bureaucratic red tape. Top Stories

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