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Porch pirate swipes packages from Barrie home

Online shopping packages on a doorstep Online shopping packages on a doorstep

The holiday season is here, and with online shopping abundant, porch pirates are on the prowl, ready to snatch packages left unattended at doorsteps.

Police in Barrie said a man accused of helping himself to some packages delivered to a Parkside Drive home has been identified.

The Barrie service appealed to the public for help solving the theft that happened late Tuesday afternoon.

Police say these opportunistic thieves are well aware of the surge in deliveries during this festive time, making it crucial for shoppers to take precautions to safeguard their packages.


Authorities warn daytime porch pirate thefts only take seconds.

Avoid becoming a victim of a porch pirate by having packages delivered to a workplace, relative, or neighbour who will be home at the time.

Police suggest tracking online deliveries and having someone home to accept the package upon arrival or request it be placed out of sight.

Additionally, consider installing exterior security cameras, such as a smart doorbell system with built-in cameras that monitor motion.

Police also encourage residents to report suspicious activity immediately and report stolen packages. Top Stories


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