BARRIE -- With the reduction in air travel in recent weeks, airlines need somewhere to park their planes, and Muskoka Airport's general manager hopes to see more hitting their runway.

Muskoka Airport currently has eight Air Canada Embraer 175 passenger jets parked on its grounds, not something you typically see this time of year.

"These kinds of places usually appear in the summer for servicing, but as we all know, things are a lot different these days," explains Muskoka Airport General Manager Len O'Connor.

O'Connor says the airlines have been grounding aircraft because of the pandemic and says his airport runway is open.

"We're actually helping the aviation industry if they are looking for parking for their airplanes, we will help them as much as we can."

Of course, parking does come at a price, and O'Connor says the additional income is welcome, especially with two of the airport's biggest clients grounded as well.

"Fly GTA is year-round flights, but they have suspended flights until further notice. And then Porter Airlines, I believe it was last week, they suspended flights until June 1st."

O'Connor says the terminal is in lockdown amid the crisis, but the airport is still operational with private, corporate and business planes running.