More questions are being raised about what happened on the night a man was stabbed to death in a Barrie rooming house.

The second degree murder trial of Terrence Barrett, who is charged in the death of Mike Segota, is entering its final stretch.

In an agreed statement of facts presented in a Barrie courtroom on Thursday, the defence highlighted what three different officers were told by witness Amy Novak, who is Barrett’s ex-girlfriend, about the night Segota died.

"She saw a male getting stabbed by a male in a ski mask," the defence read. “Ms. Novak advised two white males in ski masks who stabbed her."

The statement of facts also put Novak in a different room than Segota. She previously testified that she was with Segota and accused Terrence Barrett in the hallway of the rooming house.

"Ms. Novak was in a room adjacent to Mike when she heard yelling in the hallway. That's when she saw Mike falling and caught him and she heard Mike say ‘they stabbed me, they stabbed me.’ He didn't say who had stabbed him. That's when Ms. Novak says she saw his eyes roll back into his head."

Segota was stabbed 22 times that night. Barrett previously testified that he was the one who stabbed him, saying that it was in self-defence and not murder.

The court also heard from a friend of Segota, who described him as a good guy and said Segota was trying to protect Novak, the former girlfriend of the accused.

He also provided the court with yet another sequence of events that unfolded prior to the stabbing.

Stephen Shortridge said he warned Segota to stay out of arguments between Barrett and Novak.

"Did you ever ask Amy what happened? Can you tell me what happened that night?" asked the defence. “They were fighting, Terry and Amy. Terry had sliced Amy in the arm and that's when Mike heard the screaming and came out in the hallway and Terry just stabbed him," Shortridge responded.

He was then asked if he heard that story from anyone else. He responded with “no.”

Barrett has been charged with second-degree murder and his fate will ultimately be decided by a jury.

The trial will continue Monday, as both lawyers deliver their closing arguments.