Terrence Barrett has admitted to killing Mike Segota, but all in the name of self-defence.

Barrett was back on the stand Friday, but this time he was questioned by the Crown. He said over and over on the stand that he didn't intend to kill Segota.

"Yes, I killed a man. Yes, I stabbed a man. I did not murder him." he said staring directly at the jury.

Segota was stabbed 22 times and killed in the hallway of a Ross Street rooming house in February 2015.

Barrett has testified that his former girlfriend Amy Novak and Segota were fighting with knives and that he stepped in to break it up.

However, the Crown argued he did intend to do it and that Barrett and Segota didn't get along.

"You didn't care if he lived or died,” the Crown said. "Yes I did," countered Barrett. "You cared so much that you didn't ask anyone to call 911," the Crown argued. "I was in shock." Barrett replied.

Citing previous offenses, the Crown argued Barrett never takes responsibility for his actions.

"On Feb. 15, 2015 is there anything you do take responsibility for?" the Crown asked. “I killed a man sir. I accept responsibility for killing a man. I have to live with that every day. I did not intend to kill him," said Barrett.

Barrett testified that when he stabbed Segota, Segota had another knife in his hand. 

"He said he was going to kill me," Barrett told the court.

But the Crown argued Barrett was making up the story about the second knife because it was never found.

“I'm putting to you that only one knife was used.  That’s why you are the only one without a stab wound or a cut."

Barrett will be back on the stand on Tuesday.