Construction is well underway at Horseshoe Resort for a massive expansion that will include a large man-made lake.

Dubbed Lake Horseshoe, it will be part of a new summer sports complex that will include a beach front, a water ramp, a wake board cable park, eight beach volleyball courts and other summer activities.

“This is a great opportunity to find new revenge on a year round basis instead of just being a ski resort,” said Horseshoe Resort general manager Jonathan Reid. “It will be a four seasons opportunity not only for families to get away but also for professional athletes to come train and compete.”

Construction is now in its fourth week. The project expansion is expected to cost $5 million.

Officials say the lake will double the resorts snowmaking capability.

“We currently have about 12 million gallons of water that lasts us about five days of snow making. With the addition of this it allows us to pump water and blow snow for double the length of time,” said Reid.

Reid says by making the resort a four season destination they will be keep more employees on an annual basis.

Lake Horseshoe is expected to be completed by July 1st.