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Last llama on the loose returns to his home in the Blue Mountains


Llewis the llama has finally been returned home.

After nearly 10 days on the loose in the wilds of the Blue Mountains, the last of a trio of escaped llamas is back in his pen and reunited with his furry friends in The Blue Mountains on Monday.

His brothers, Lluka and Todd, were recaptured last week; however, Llewis remained footloose and fancy-free until his recent return.

Several volunteers, a helicopter, a drone, and a cowboy on horseback searched for the trio for days while McKay hoped they wouldn't become victims of coyotes.

McKay said their pen had been accidentally left open, allowing the llamas to wander away on Nov. 10.

Nearly one week later, two had been captured and returned to their farm.

In her description of Llewis' return on Monday, owner Samantha Abeta McKay posted on social media, "I want to thank the search team, the search coordinator, tracker team, drone team, the town of the Blue Mountains, the media, the professional cowboys and all the amazing volunteers for your time and commitment."

She remained confident he would be returned home safe, writing, "Llewis was the leader and kept the other two safe during their adventure," adding, "Since being home, Lluka and Todd are crying for Llewis."

McKay said her llama had been captured in an apple orchard in town. Top Stories

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