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Iconic broadcaster Tarzan Dan taking the helm of middays on BOUNCE Radio


There's soon to be a new voice guiding you through the workday on Simcoe County airwaves, but it's a familiar one.

The very popular Tarzan Dan Freeman is taking the helm of the BOUNCE radio midday show on all its radio stations throughout the country, including Midland. From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. the personality will be sharing stories, playing music and connecting with audiences from coast to coast to coast.

"From Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI all way to Manitoba, all the way to BC, all over BC and then all over southern Ontario as well, I am concerned that my family is going to see me on television and go 'oh yeah, he hasn't shown up at a lot of stuff lately," Freeman said with a laugh.

This is far from Freeman's first foray into radio broadcasting. The host has decades of experience in the industry, including with YTV and MuchMusic. He says he's looking forward to hopefully being a bright spot in people's day.

"I'm pretty much ready to ruin everybody's day! No, I'm just kidding," Freeman said. "You know what, the way I've done radio and the way I've always done radio is have some fun, play some great songs, don't think too hard about anything that's going on in the world and just want to come back the next day and put a smile on somebody's face."

Freeman's show will also stream live on and the iHeartRadio Canada app. It debuts on Mon. Feb. 5. Top Stories

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