Police in Innisfil had to wrestle a pig off the side of a busy road to prevent it from being hit by a car, or worse.

South Simcoe Police received the call about a pig wandering along the 10th Sideroad early Tuesday morning. They were concerned the pig posed a danger to itself and to drivers.

“The problem is when people try to avoid these animals that can be just as tragic trying swerve around a 200 pounds pig, as it can be running into a 200 pounds pig,” says Sgt. Todd Ferrier.

Officers tried to corral the animal to safety, but the feisty hog wasn’t having any of it.

“We tried getting her in the back of a car, but she was having nothing to do with that. I can honestly say I under estimated the power of a pig,” said Const. Gerry Crane.

After a tussle with the pig, a mud covered Crane called for backup. Livestock transporter John Hodgson was brought in to help load her into a trailer.

“A lot of police wouldn't even get close to it, but they were able to get a rope on it. We just had little short ropes so everybody had to be right there,” Hodgson says.

Last night, the pig was reunited with her owner Kyle Gray. It turns out she had escaped from a backyard pen.

The pig is now staying at a neighbour’s farm until the pig pen fence can be repaired.