A security camera captured a smash and grab at a convenience store in the Village of Nottawa during the early morning hours on Friday.

The incredible footage shows the whole incident unfold in just over 60 seconds as thieves rush in and out with an ATM.

"Soon as I heard the first bang, I got up, then the alarm went off, and I heard the second bang, and I grabbed my housecoat and went down," says Dave West, who lives above D & L's Family Variety.

By the time West made it down the stairs, there was nothing left but broken glass.

"They weren't your run-of-the-mill thieves. They knew exactly what they were doing. We were shocked, quite frankly, how quickly they were in and out," says Louise McCartney West.

After smashing the glass with a sledgehammer, the thieves ripped the ATM from the floor and out the door.

Another bank machine was stolen from a Collingwood grocery store the same day.

"The thefts happen very quickly, and the whole unit is taken out of the store or business. Typically done with a pickup truck or a large SUV," says OPP Sgt. Jason Folz.

The bank machine crimes bare a striking resemblance to a series of ATM thefts that have happened in the Kitchener are over the past few months. In each case, the ATM was ripped out through the doors, windows and walls, but Sgt. Folz says the cases haven't been connected at this point.

Police are investigating and encouraging anyone with information to come forward.