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Gilbert Centre behind new app aiming to save lives


The Gilbert Centre in Barrie is releasing a new tool that could mean the difference between life and death.

The social and support services agency has partnered with Get Ready Online, a professional services, consulting and technology firm in Canada, to operate an app called Ready First Aide. To provide critical information when it is most needed, the app has step-by-step instructions and short videos outlining precisely what to do in various emergencies.

"Our intention is to really improve our community capacity, reduce stigma and improve the knowledge that folks have and their ability to respond in emergency situations," said Dale Boyle, the Gilbert Centre's executive director.

"Particularly what is important to the Gilbert Centre is how to respond to overdoses, and so that's why, using this tool built by Get Ready Online, we'll be able to equip our community with the knowledge that they need to be able to confidently respond to overdoses in our region."

In addition to proper response to an overdose, other emergencies covered in the app include medical, suicide and emergency procedures.

According to Get Ready Online, studies have shown that many people who undergo first aid training need to remember 50 per cent of what they learned within two months.

"Let's get the emergency and medical information into the public's hands," said Scot Ashley, the president and CEO of Get Ready Online.

"What we need to do is convert the public into willing bystanders."

The app costs $6. Half of that will go to the Gilbert Centre, which will use the money to help it complete its community mission of providing support to those most in need.

"If we can get businesses in the community to get behind this, it's going to be a great fundraiser for the Gilbert Centre, but it's also going to hopefully turn a lot of the parents and employees and staff and your neighbours and colleagues into willing bystanders, and they'll have the tool, and they can respond with confidence," said Ashley.

The app is available in both browser and mobile versions. Top Stories

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