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Fire officials spark awareness about dangers of tossing cigarette butts

A person smokes a cigarette. (Pawel Dwulit / THE CANADIAN PRESS) A person smokes a cigarette. (Pawel Dwulit / THE CANADIAN PRESS)

As we head out of the April showers and into May, fire officials are raising awareness about the potential consequences of a seemingly innocuous act.

Georgina Fire and Rescue Services is addressing the issue, noting the increasing number of fires ignited by discarded cigarette butts, particularly during the dry summer months when vegetation is at its most vulnerable to ignition.

Officials say these fires not only pose a threat to property but also endanger lives and put an added strain on emergency services.

The dangers of tossing cigarette butts extend beyond the risk of wildfires. Discarded butts can also contribute to environmental pollution, particularly in waterways, where they can harm aquatic life and contaminate drinking water sources. Top Stories


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