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Fate of Aurora man accused in his wife's death rests with jury


The fate of John Sedo, the Aurora man accused of killing his wife, who disappeared in July 2020, is now in the hands of a jury of seven women and five men.

During the trial, the Crown argued the 64-year-old engineer, who has spent nearly three and a half years behind bars since his arrest, murdered Helen Sedo and disposed of her body following a heated argument.

When he called 911 to report his wife of 35 years missing, Sedo said Helen stormed out "in a complete rage" with her bag packed following their disagreement. He made the call two days after his wife allegedly left the couple's Aurora home and told the dispatcher he was concerned because it was unlike her to stay away overnight.

Helen's cell phone and passport were later discovered at their home.

The Crown argued Sedo was a "methodical man" who went to great lengths to cover up the alleged crime by heading north to get rid of his wife's body and burning any evidence.

The prosecution also accused Sedo of purposefully leaving his cell phone behind and turned off for 13 hours to avoid leaving a digital footprint of his actions.

A family friend testified Sedo told him he had forgotten his cell phone at home when he went to the family's property in Huntsville to clear his head and ride his dirt bike the day after Helen allegedly left. He said Sedo went home later to find his wife still hadn't returned.

Three months following her disappearance, Helen's vehicle was found near Huntsville in a dense forest destroyed by fire.

Witnesses close to the couple testified John and Helen appeared to be on the brink of divorce.

During closing submissions on Tuesday, the defence told the jury to acquit John Sedo due to the Crown's case relying on circumstantial evidence.

The defence argued while Helen was presumed dead, her body had never been found, adding there was no motive or proof his client was guilty of murdering his wife and warning the jury, "This is the stuff of wrongful convictions."

John Sedo faces a second-degree murder charge.

In addressing the jury, Justice Michelle Fuerst summarized arguments made by the defence and Crown must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt before a verdict is reached.

There are three potential outcomes in the cas. The jury could find Sedo not guilty of second-degree murder, not guilty of second-degree murder but rather guilty of manslaughter, or guilty of second-degree murder. Top Stories

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