Dozens of new jobs could be on the way in Utopia.

Decast Ltd.’s microtunneling facility started from humble beginnings and is now expanding. The company hopes the expansion will bring 50 new full-time jobs.

“Microtunneling is a product line that four years ago we sold zero dollars worth,” says Jim Tully of Decast Ltd. “We've grown exponentially over the last three years."

Decast has a state-of-the-art $10-million manufacturing facility, where they build cylinders for microtunneling.

Microtunneling is a technique used to dig tunnels remotely. It allows pipes to be run for sewers or water main construction. Municipalities prefer the technique because it doesn't hurt the environment.

"Really interesting job that we did was at Pearson Airport, where we microtunneled a 1,200 mm diameter pipe under the runway, an active runway. Microtunneling if done properly there is no settlement, and you can install your pipe without disturbing the surface at all."

Over the last 10 years Decast has grown in size. The facility is nearly $500,00 sq.ft. and the company employs 600 people.

"These just aren't regular jobs, these are high paying jobs,” says Essa Township Mayor Terry Dowdall. “So for the County of Simcoe and the Township of Essa this is great.”

The company already ships parts to Alberta and is looking to expand internationally.

Decast is in talks with a company in Ireland, which is looking to do a water main construction job.