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Comic enthusiasts pack the Angus Recreation Centre for annual Comic Con


It was a comic lovers' dream in Angus over the weekend as the second annual Comic Con returned to the Angus recreation centre.

Over 50 vendors participated in selling comic books, new and vintage toys, jewelry, DVDs, anime, prints and more.

Local artists and authors were also present, selling their art, books, and comics and handing out autographs.

"What I love about these pop culture shows is it's a way to engage with smaller communities that normally wouldn't go to the big comic cons in Toronto. And you're able to grow an audience and share your crafts and skills with multiple people," says Zelpha Comics Cardboard Artist Lue Nuwame.

Attendees were encouraged to dress up in cosplay outfits, and the event also collected items for the Angus food bank.

"The cool thing with Comic Con is it's very multi-generational. You will get kids nowadays that are five, six, seven years old who are in their costumes, but their parents were also Star Wars fans and made their kids Star Wars fans," says event organizer David Wyldstar.

Around 800 people attended, and approximately 2000 pounds of food was raised for the food bank. Top Stories


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