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Collingwood's $270M Water Treatment Plant expansion nears reality despite soaring price tag


The Town of Collingwood is one step closer to expanding its Water Treatment Plant at a cost of roughly $270 million, about $150 million more than initially anticipated.

"We were shocked, and it turns out this is the way of the world post-COVID, with the supply shortages, labour shortages and interest costs," said Collingwood Mayor Yvonne Hamlin.

The Raymond A. Barker Water Treatment Plant expansion project has been in the works for years and is a partnership between Collingwood and New Tecumseth, which have shared treated water for the last 25 years.

Collingwood council recently finalized plans with the Town of New Tecumseth to support a growing population and meet provincial housing targets.

The Town's website states that the expansion would "set the stage for the next 25 years or more" and "bring vast and sustainable residential, commercial, and industrial opportunities to the community."

Allocation Agreement

In agreement with the Town of Collingwood, the Town of New Tecumseth will cover 63 per cent of capital costs, giving New Tecumseth access to 250 cubic meters of volume for immediate allocation.

The remaining 150 cubic meters of Collingwood's capacity will be supplied within 12 months, subject to the plant's technical capabilities.

The agreement was based on expected growth targets in residential and industrial areas.

"Extensive examination was done of the needs of both communities, and this is for the first phase of the expansion of the water treatment plant. We think Collingwood is more than covered for that," Hamlin said.

Next Steps

Both town councils hope to receive support from the provincial and federal governments through infrastructure funding programs.

Once the agreement is finalized, construction could begin within weeks, and water could flow between the towns from the new site in 2029, years away from the initial timeline of 2026. Top Stories

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