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Coldwater Steampunk Festival will not return this year


A long-standing summer festival in Coldwater is coming to an end.

Organizers for the Coldwater Steampunk Festival have officially called it quits after a decade of success in growing the event into what it's become.

"In 2015 we would get 5000 people and now we were at 10,000 people," said Suzy Burtenshaw, Steampunk Festival Organizer. "But we're getting older, we're grandparents, it's a changing demographic of volunteers and we thought it would be best to end on a high but we also didn't take the decision lightly."

Coldwater's Business Improvement Area (BIA) said the Harry Potter-inspired portion would continue even though the festival would not return. "Coldwater presents the Magical World of Witchcraft and Wizardry' is what we'll be calling the event, which will run in August," said Lisa Sallows, an official with the BIA.

Sallows added that the BIA hopes to have about 150 vendors for its new event later this summer. Top Stories

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