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Coldwater Canadiana Heritage Museum offers glimpse into the past

The Coldwater Canadiana Heritage Museum is offering a unique look into the past of what was once in the rural village of Coldwater.

The museum opened earlier this month and features various historical artifacts, adventures and military artifacts from local soldiers.

"I want it to be a learning experience for the young people and for the older, a walk down memory lane. I've learned more things, and we have all learned more things just from the people that come here and share stories with us," says Museum curator Patricia Turnour.

Museum-goers can visit the various historical Coldwater buildings built in the early 1840s, including the Woodrow Homestead.

"We want people to take away the true feeling that they have been in the past and are able to cherish some of those memories," says Turnour.

The museum is open all summer long until September. Top Stories


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