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City cracks down on inconsiderate dog owners: Here's ways to avoid a hefty fine


Owen Sound dog owners could face a pretty penny for not leashing their dogs or picking up after them.

Owners who fail to leash their pets or clean up their waste can face a $260 fine.

The City reminds residents and visitors to keep their dogs on a leash and always clean up after their pets for the sake of the community and the environment.

"Picking up after pets keeps public areas and green spaces clean and reduces the risk of spreading disease or impacting local ecosystems," stated the Owen Sound website.

The City advises that dog waste does not decompose quickly as it pollutes water systems, attracts rodents and coyotes, and does not fertilize the ground beneath it.

Leash-free dog parks are always open, and dogs can roam freely in the fenced-in space at 1240 1st Avenue East.

Dogs must be licensed each year and display the license on their collar; this can be completed by filling out the Dog By-law application.

"While visiting the River District, walking on one of the City trails, or enjoying one of the City parks, be a good neighbour," the City concludes on its website. Top Stories


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