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Barrie's residents could pay $180 more on taxes


Barrie city councillors are preparing for a big day Wednesday in the chambers as budget deliberations officially begin.

As of now, the draft budget has a 3.95 per cent property tax increase, which would equate to about $182 for the typical home.

That is the largest tax increase in over a decade.

Last week city councillors heard from the city's three largest service providers on their budget requests.

Conversations start at 7 Wednesday night and will continue Thursday if needed. Top Stories

Some birds may use 'mental time travel,' study finds

Real quick — what did you have for lunch yesterday? Were you with anyone? Where were you? Can you picture the scene? The ability to remember things that happened to you in the past, especially to go back and recall little incidental details, is a hallmark of what psychologists call episodic memory — and new research indicates that it’s an ability humans may share with birds called Eurasian jays.

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