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Barrie Mayor proclaims April 24 as 'Go Rovers Day'


The City of Barrie marks a significant addition to its calendar as Mayor Alex Nutall proclaims April 24 as 'Go Rovers Day.'

'Go Rovers Day' is a testament to the remarkable journey of the Simcoe County Rovers FC, the first Barrie team to challenge a top-tier professional sports team for the championship.

The Rovers men's club won their league championship in their second year, leading them to their Major League Soccer's Toronto FC at BMO Field in Toronto, Ont.

This proclamation by the City is a ceremonial document issued and signed by the Mayor to recognize the value and importance of a particular event on a specific day, week or month.

"Getting to play TFC is a dream come true in a situation like this. It's tough because you want to play the best of the best, and when you get the best of the best in a tournament like this, it's both eye-opening, but it's also very exciting," says Justin Thomas with the Rovers.

This day will be an opportunity to recognize the Rovers' management, players, staff, and increasing fanbase.

"This builds on the City of Barrie's diverse city, with soccer being considered the world's game and celebrated by people from all countries, races and religions, truly highlighting the growing diversity of our city," stated in the release.

The Rovers will prepare for their final match in Toronto on Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. Top Stories

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