A Barrie orthotics clinic is at the cutting edge of new technology. 

Pro Motion Healthcare is one of the first in Canada to start prescribing 3D orthotics.

Certified pedorthist Stan Chikh says it is so unique that he believes it will change the market for orthotics completely.

“The main takeaway is that it is so specific for you,” says Chikh.  “There is nothing else on the market that comes close to this.”

Nine cameras are used to capture an image of the foot, and an additional walking pad gathers specifics such as heel rotation, foot balance, and medial forefoot balance.

“Clients say they’re the most comfortable fitting orthotic they’ve ever had,” says Chikh.  “So once you put it on, the break-in period for older orthotics is about two weeks, this one is about four days.”

The 3D printed orthotics are in the same price range as traditional ones and are quickly gaining the reputation of being more effective as well.