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'Axe the Tax': Protesters gather in Barrie after carbon tax increase


In response to the recent carbon tax increase, over 40 protesters gathered on the Harvie Road overpass in Barrie on Monday afternoon to voice their opinions.

"We are trying to bring awareness to people, make sure they understand that this is not suitable," said Pat North, one of the demonstrators. "This isn't our Canada anymore."

Other individuals have expressed their concerns about the continual cost of living.

"People are losing their homes. People can't afford to buy food for their children and their families," said Bunny Murphy, another protestor. "With the carbon tax, that's only going to take more money from us."

The impact of the carbon tax increase was felt at gas stations across the region. Prices ranged from around $1.59 to $1.67 per litre for regular gas and nearly $2 per litre for premium fuel.

"It's affecting what we do with our family," said Bill Pugh, a Barrie resident stopping for gas at the Innisfil ONRoute. "Don't like it. Don't like it at all."

On the other hand, Margaret Prophet from the Simcoe County Greenbelt Coalition referenced an open letter signed by over 300 Canadian economists.

It states that Canada's Greenhouse Gas emissions have fallen by almost eight per cent since 2019 and that carbon pricing has caused less than one-twentieth of Canada's inflation in the past two years.

"Theres a perception that things are more expensive and that absolutely is true," said Prophet. "But we need to put it on the places that are the cause of corporations increasing their prices increasing their profit margins, versus something that's one-twentieth of the cause."

Prophet is worried that climate change may cause more natural disasters or lead to the unavailability of certain foods, which could further increase the cost of living.

But for now, drivers cannot help but feel just as concerned that gas is one of many living expenses that keep getting more costly. Top Stories


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