Tempers flared when dozens of animal rights activists targeted a commercial dog sled business north of Barrie on Saturday morning.

It was all part of national protest aimed at speaking out against the practices and treatment of the animals.

“What we find in here is miserable animals desperate for attention, they have to pee and poop within the limits of their chain the shelters are a disgrace and this is what we are trying expose today,” said Jenny McQueen with Animal Rights Toronto.

Saturday’s protest took place at Windrift Adventures in Moonstone. This is the second time protestors have targeted the company.

Last year the OSPCA gave Windrift Adventures orders to provide the dogs with insulated shelter, clean potable water, and appropriate food as recommended by a veterinarian.

On Saturday, owner Georgina Pierce told CTV News that she has more than 100 dogs on property and that her operation has been inspected by the OSPCA and local bylaw.

“Everything is fine, my dogs are in good condition my vets say they are in good condition,” said Pierce.

“It's just shocking that these people would come on my property when I’ve got no trespassing signs up and there’s no reason to come on our property and harass us.”

Police did manage to get the protestors to move away from the property. At least one person was injured and treated by paramedics at the scene. It's still unclear if any charges will be laid.