BARRIE, ONT. -- Nearly four years after admitting to killing James and Nick Pasowisty, Dyrrin Daley recalled the moments leading up to the violence in a Barrie courtroom on Tuesday.

Daley, now 28, told the court he decided to head to the Pasowisty's William Street home to buy some marijuana around three in the morning on Feb. 8, 2017.

Carrying a duffle bag filled with a pellet gun, special forces tactical flashlight, and expandable baton, Daley testified he planned to use the items as collateral for the marijuana purchase. He said he entered the home with about $20.

Within minutes of arriving, Daley said Nick's father, James, became angry and demanded Daley pay back the money he owed from a previous deal.

Daley said he remembered paying James back, but the 51-year-old, who once dated Daley's mother, disagreed and started yelling.

Daley told the court James then called him a racial slur and tackled him. He said Nick also grabbed him.

Feeling threatened, Daley said he pulled out a knife to defend himself against the two men.

Daley testified James and Nick tried to grab his knife and the pair attempted to throw Daley off their balcony.  Daley told the court he fought them off using his knife.

He claimed James and Nick got on top of him, and that's when he blacked out and, in a frenzy, began stabbing the father and son using the double-bladed knife until the men stopped fighting back.

Daley said when he last saw Nick and James, they were hurt but still alive. He told the court he quickly tried to retrieve his duffle bag but couldn't find it in the dark room.

As insurance for the future return of his belongings, Daley said he took Nick's PlayStation 3.

The court heard Nick and James were found to have received 38 and 35 stab wounds, respectively.

Daley told the court he went home, bandaged his badly injured finger, and tried to sleep.

Ten hours later, police placed him under arrest.

Dyrrin Daley is charged with first and second-degree murder in the deaths of Nick and James Pasowisty.

"Because they died, I feel truly remorseful and sorry for what happened," Daley expressed his condolences to the family and friends of the Pasowistys. "And that's from the bottom of my heart," he added.

The Crown will continue its cross-examination of Daley on Wednesday.

Daley's lawyer is expected to call the owner of the Pasowisty's William Street home to testify.

The trial is scheduled to run another week at the Barrie courthouse.