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13 people solicited by grandparent scam in Midland area

Grandparent scam

Provincial Police warn Midland area residents of an ongoing grandparent scam after scammers contacted 13 people this week.

Police first began getting reports of scam calls on March 11, with people reporting that they were contacted by phone or online by those claiming a family member urgently needed financial support.

Police said the caller claimed to be a police officer in some instances, going as far as providing an alleged rank and badge number.

OPP said the callers requested Canadian currency and gift cards exceeding $5000 in value and arranged to collect the funds from victims' homes.

Of the 13 scam call reports, Police said some became victims.

Police remind the public that officers do not ask for cash or gift cards and say if you suspect you received a scam call, contact the OPP immediately. Top Stories

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