A Bradford boy diagnosed with a rare condition is looking to raise enough money to help build a research centre to help others with the same disorder

On Saturday, friends and family rallied behind seven-year-old Mason Donkin as he laced up for his third-annual Walk for Chiari in Bradford.

"It's overwhelming," said Mason's father Frank Donkin, "it's great that people are on board with something that's so close and personal to us."

Often misdiagnosed, Chiari affects one in 1000 people and is an invisible illness affecting the cerebellum; the part of the brain that's in charge of balance, coordination, and physical movement.

Mason's mother Jennifer Donkin says he's typically a happy, energetic kid, but the condition often takes a toll on him.

"He does have a really quick immune system, so he does get sick quite often," said Jennifer, "he has a lot of muscle and body pain."

Mason's walk on Saturday raised approximately $14 thousand towards his $50 thousand goal.

The money will support the SickKids Foundation in Toronto, helping the hospital work towards opening the first Canadian Research Centre for Chiari.

If you'd like to donate to Mason's cause, click here.