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Unique tracking system is helping police recover stolen vehicles across GTA

A unique company specializing in tracking vehicles is partnering with car dealerships to hide special devices to prevent thieves from shipping stolen vehicles overseas.

Michael Berger and his company Tag helped police find over 50 stolen vehicles in Ontario and Quebec, all equipped with trackers thieves can't seem to crack.

The technology recently led police in Mississauga to a truck loaded with two stolen vehicles inside its container.

"They picked up the truck going northbound on the 427," Berger said.

A stolen black Range Rover was recovered from the back of a transport truck container on Highway 427. (Courtesy: Michael Berger)

And thieves aren't just stealing vehicles from driveways and parking lots.

"There are quite a few dealerships across the GTA that are having vehicles stolen right off their lot," he noted.


NewRoads Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram general manager Todd Shivers said three vehicles had been stolen from the Newmarket dealership in the past two months.

"A Grand Cherokee, a used Range Rover and a brand new Ram TRX."

Shivers said the thieves booked an appointment, drove up in a black Range Rover with Manitoba plates and then took off with the white Range Rover.

Dealership surveillance video. (Supplied)

York Regional Police report a 43 per cent spike this year in vehicle thefts; since 2019, the service reports carjackings across the GTA have more than doubled.

"Transported overseas mostly to North Africa," said Const. Maniva Armstrong. "What we're seeing right now is the value in these vehicles. It's high-end vehicles."

The Newmarket dealership is now installing Tag systems in its vehicles to protect the business and its customers.

"At $999 per vehicle, it's going to protect the consumer for sure," Shivers noted.

Meanwhile, York Regional Police is leading a task force with the OPP and Toronto police to prevent drivers and car dealerships from becoming victimized. Top Stories

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