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Suspects granted bail in Barrie shooting


All three suspects charged with attempted murder in a Barrie shooting two weeks ago have been granted bail as investigators continue searching for the man police say pulled the trigger.

Meghan Steadman and Curtis Prince were released Friday with sureties after spending two weeks behind bars.

Co-accused Jayson Espinosa-Bermeo was previously released on bail as police continue to look for Timothy White, who also goes by the name Logan or Low.

The incident happened at about 10:30 p.m. on April 22 when police say a 45-year-old Barrie man was shot several times in a Letitia Heights catwalk along Leacock Drive and Kipling Place.

The victim is still in the hospital, fighting for his life.

All three suspects are in their 20s and were arrested within a few days of the shooting.

Espinosa- Bermeo was picked up by police when the tactical team showed up at his doorstep in Orillia with their guns drawn.

Police believe White is from the Toronto area and has noticeable acne pockmark scarring on his face, and wears prescription glasses. He is considered armed and dangerous.

Prince was released on $5,000 bail, while Steadman’s loved ones pledged $3,000. Both are on house arrest under the supervision of their sureties.

All three accused will return to court later this month as police continue their search for White. All allegations have not been tested in court. Top Stories

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