In Muskoka, the snow continues to fall and could keep falling all night. 

It's one of the areas still under a snowsquall warning, and after a record snowfall in December, all this snow is a real problem.

There's so much snow in Muskoka, no one quite knows how to describe it.

For residents in cottage country, it seems it hasn't stopped snowing since the beginning of December. In fact, 212 centimetres of snow fell last month – a new record. That doesn't even include what has fallen in the past 24 hours and it means residents here haven’t stopped shovelling, blowing and plowing in weeks.

Some are calling this an old-fashioned Muskoka winter. Many say they haven't seen snow like this since they were young kids. And it’s one of those winters for young Veronica Jones.

“I think it’s fun because I can climb anywhere and make a big hole,” she says.

But the allure of snow wore off long ago for many, especially when there's this much.

The town say it is working on it. Gravenhurst Mayor Paisley Donaldson says it's been a difficult couple of months for the town. Their first priority is clearing the streets once it stops snowing, then crews will switch gears to clear sidewalks and remove snowbanks. The problem is the snow hasn't really stopped, so sidewalks aren't shovelled and snowbanks continue to grow.

“We’ve actually done two snow lifts in the downtown area,” she says. “You wouldn’t know it though by looking down the streets. Tonight we’ve hired additional people to go out with city crews and clear sidewalks and improve sight-lines.”

While many are focused on dealing with the snow that’s here, some are already looking ahead to the spring and wondering where all the snow is going to go once it starts to melt.

They are hoping for a slow thaw and want to avoid the type of flooding that happened last spring.