There are plenty of rules for cars, motorcycles, trucks and buses; but what rules are in place for a number of low speed modes of transportation on our streets and sidewalks?

Barrie resident Doug Mitchell has parked his car for an electric bike (EBike).

“It’s friendly to the environment and I had car problems, lots of car problems so this you know – great!”

EBikes have become a popular method of transportation in recent years but there is some uncertainty around who can use them and where.  And many drivers admit they don’t like sharing the road with them.

“There are bad drivers, there are bad cyclists and there are people that are irresponsible when they ride these electronic bikes,” says Mike Doble.

Barrie Police Constable Doug Avery says EBikes are allowed on the road and most sidewalk. In Barrie e-bikes are allowed on sidewalks, except in the downtown core and so long as they are pedal powered and the electric motor is not engaged.

“They are also deemed a slow moving vehicle so you must move over to the right, as close to the curb as possible,” says Constable Avery.

EBikes are allowed on any road with a speed limit of 80 km/h and under, you must be at least 16 years old to drive one and must wear a helmet. The bikes are built not to exceed 32 km/h.

The EBikes have become a popular option with people who lost their driver’s licence but anyone who has been charged with impaired driving isn’t allowed to operate one using the motor.

“If you’ve been suspended for certain reasons, being impaired operation, driving while disqualified under the criminal code.  Now it becomes a motor vehicle and so if it’s under the power of the electric motor you are now operating a motor vehicle and you can be charged under the criminal code,” adds Constable Avery.

But for those who are under have had their licence suspended, they are allowed to use pedals to operate the bikes.