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Rainbow crosswalk connects a community to Springwater Township

The first splash of colour and LGBTQ2S+ representation in Springwater Township now resides in Elmvale's downtown core.

The township unveiled its new rainbow crosswalk on Friday, installed at the Queen Street West and Maria Street intersection.

"It's definitely time for it(the crosswalk)," said Kate Hvalica, a student at Elmvale District High School (EDHS). "We worked really hard to fundraise, and we're glad it's in place now."

The crosswalk was a student-led initiative by the Gender & Sexual Diversity Club at EDHS.

Students raised $1,000 for the project and presented a cheque to Springwater's town council to get it through. Students took inspiration from larger cities when discussing how they could promote representation within Springwater.

"It's to show support to others who might not know that we actually have a system in place here that is safe for them," said Madison Ritchie, EDHS student. "They're always welcome here."

The crosswalk is the first of its kind located on public property in the Township of Springwater.

It was installed near Elmvale's public library because of its high travel volume by commuters and pedestrians.

"This crosswalk is a way to let residents and visitors to Springwater know that no matter how you identify or who you love, you are safe, valued and welcome," said Springwater Mayor Jennifer Coughlin.

An EDHS teacher empowered the students to push for the project.

Greg Davidson has been championing the rights of students for over a decade, leading the club and its discussions.

"We used to raise a lot of eyebrows, and students used to greet us with various reactions when we met," Davidson said. "But now, it's just like any other club within the school. We're institutionalized in a good way."

The students said they would like to work on further community initiatives when next year's school semester begins. Top Stories

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