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Ontario 55+ Winter Games kick off in Orillia with lieutenant-governor in attendance


The Ontario 55+ Winter Games are in Orillia this week, drawing over 800 athletes from across the province to compete in a two-day event featuring hockey, curling, skiing, and tennis, among others, where participants over 55 years old vie for top honours.

Ontario's Lieutenant Governor Edith Dumont was in attendance for the opening ceremony and toured the recreational facility where the games will take place.

"I'm thrilled to be in Orillia. It is my first official visit. It is an opportunity for all of us to ensure that we stay active as long as we can, especially if we can. Let's get together and compete a bit," said Dumont.

In addition to the hundreds of participants, over 200 volunteers will give their time to support the games.

The City says the games are expected to attract over 1,000 visitors to the area, generating at least $1.8 million for the local economy.

"Expecting some economic stimulation... Orillia gets to show off our track record of voluntarism and friendships around the games," said Will Le France, general manager of the Ontario 55+ Winter Games.

The games officially kick off on Wednesday. Top Stories

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