MIDLAND, ONT. -- The Town of Midland has found a way to integrate multiple health services into one building, which opened on Monday.

Midlands Community Health Hub is a one-stop-shop for a variety of support services, primary healthcare and mental health services.

Executive director of one of the partners involved with the project, David Jeffery, said this is a game-changer for health care.

"For people who have complex needs to come to one place," said Jeffery.

"They come to primary care supports, they go across the hall, and they can see health care at Waypoint."

Before its big move, Waypoint Mental Health Services and Chigamik Health Care were operating separately in different buildings.

Now health care providers have the chance to collaborate and work together.

Chigamik provides primary health care services, such as a family doctor, health promotion services and community development.

While Waypoint offers outpatient mental health care, along with services to help work on rehabilitation and re-employment.

Together- the two services have become a health care super hub.

Carol Lambie, CEO and President of Waypoint Centre Mental Health Care, said their goal is to break barriers and provide access to those who need it. Especially during this time.

"We know that more than ever, mental health is a top priority," she said.

The hub isn't currently functioning at full capacity because of COVID-19. Some services are being offered virtually, and for those that can't be, they are being provided in person.

Several safety precautions are in place for staff and patients.

"There's no substitute for face to face counselling and primary care," said Jeffery. "People who need foot care, diabetes check-ups and blood work... that still continues. But we do it in a process where everyone involved is safe".

One-on-one counselling is also being done over the phone, via ZOOM, or other social media platforms.

Mayor Stewart Strathearn is equally happy to have this unique centre in Midland and said this has been in the works for almost a decade.

The mayor adds that during this time of hardship, he is happy that his community has this to lean on.

"People are feeling stressed whether it's financial perspectives or social isolation," said Strathearn.

"People are feeling depressed, and it's unique to Midland that we have these services right here."