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New report reveals Barrie's future growth comes with a hefty price tag

Barrie, Ont. -

The City of Barrie took a glimpse into its expensive future in a new report that revealed it would cost $8 billion to support the municipality's growth over the next two decades.

The report took an external consulting firm over a year to complete, according to the City.

It researched the pace of growth in the City of Barrie and what would be required to sustain current infrastructure and plan for future projects up to 2041.

The report included items such as maintaining roads, city parks, housing developments, and post-pandemic life.

"Barrie doesn't really want to end up like a GTA-suburban municipality," said Mayor Jeff Lehman.

"That's not the future I see for us. I don't' think that's the future that council sees for us. We want to be a city on our own in central Ontario," Lehman added.

The mayor noted that adding jobs closer to home is a goal to allow more people to avoid commuting out of the city.

"And we want to hold on to some of the great things that make Barrie what it is – a waterfront city, a city with great older neighbourhoods, and one that still has everything that you need inside the city," he finished.

Lehman said councillors would meet in a few weeks to further discuss plans for this significant budget and look at ways to possibly cut it down while maintaining the City's projected growth. Top Stories

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