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Muskoka sees less travelers as March break comes to an end


It was a quieter March Break than usual in certain parts of Muskoka, although some businesses still fared well throughout the week.

Officials with the Bracebridge Business Improvement Association (BIA) told CTV News that this March Break seemed less busy than others in previous years.

 “We had a lot of great activities throughout our downtown and all throughout Bracebridge, which was wonderful. It was maybe a little bit quieter than what we’ve been used to, but it was still great to see people from out of town and our locals down enjoying our downtown and everything we’ve got to offer,” said Lindsay Alexander, chair of the Bracebridge BIA.

Over at Muskoka Lakes Farm & Winery in Bala, the owners said it was a good turnout this past week.

“We’ve got lots of visitors coming in, families, obviously, because the kids are off this week. Our snowshoe trails are open, so that’s been fun for people, but we’re also into maple season, so there coming for the syrup and the pancakes,” said Wendy Hogarth, co-owner of Muskoka Lakes Farm & Winery.

 A wine-tasting and bog-to-bottle tour is also offered on-site.

“In 2021, we founded Muskoka Lakes Winery on the principle of terroir, which is the idea that wine should reflect the land that produced them,” said Hogarth.

“So, for us, that means working with fruit that actually grows here, cranberries, blueberries, we work with maple syrup as well.”

Hogarth added that although March Break has ended, she expects business on weekends to remain especially busy, with the snowshoe trails beings a big hit. Top Stories

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