For the third time this season, an ice breaker has been unable to get through the thick layers of ice on Georgian Bay.

Dozens of people rushed down to the shore on Monday in hopes of seeing the Canadian Coast Guard ship Pierre Radisson in action, but they were left disappointed.

“I came to see if it was in, because it was supposed to be here at 10 o’clock (this morning),” one hopeful spectator told us.

The U.S. coast guard says there is at least three feet of ice in some areas, and previous attempts to break it up have been unsuccessful.

Today, the Pierre Radisson also could not get through the unusually thick ice.

The mayor of Midland admits not much can be done, but says the delay in operations is not good news for local business.

“It slows everything down. You know people are getting ready to get resorts open, you’re getting your docks in, you’re doing all your spring maintenance anticipating the tourism season, and this slows it all down,” says Mayor Stewart Strathearn.

The Great Lakes freighter Baie Comeau is still stuck in the harbour, with some crews members being sent home.

The Canadian Coast Guard says it’s become a waiting game, and it could be as late as next week until the ice breaker is able to make its way through the harbour.

The Canadian Coast Guard has provided icebreaking assistance to over 400 commercial vessels so far this season.