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Massive search underway for llamas that escaped farm in Blue Mountains

The search is on by air and horseback for three llamas missing since Friday in The Blue Mountains.

The three animals wandered out of their pen on the 21st Sideroad after someone accidentally left the doors open and have been on the loose since.

More than a dozen people took part in the search for Lluka, Llewis, and Todd, including a professional cowboy, a helicopter and a drone, but the trio remained elusive for days as reports of sightings and strange noises came pouring in.

The llamas' owner posted updates to her Facebook page, noting someone called her saying they had heard a "weird noise, almost like a kid screaming," in Camperdown.

Llamas are known to scream to alert each other or during a sibling fight, explained owner Samantha McKay.

Building on the clue, McKay said she believes they wandered across the 7th Line and ventured toward the Loree Forest.

"I've had a couple of chances to get up close, but I wasn't able to get close enough. The horses started going backwards more than forwards," said cowboy Jamie Hanley on Monday.

While reporting on the search, CTV's Rob Cooper came across the llamas along the 7th Line, but the animals were quick to take off into the bush.

McKay hopes they stick together to be able to deter coyotes.

"I just want them home," she added. Top Stories

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