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Ski resort unveils first-of-its-kind $14M chairlift


The first-of-its-kind chairlift is almost ready for the winter season at Mount St. Louis Moonstone.

It's Canada's first-ever Doppelmayr eight-seater chairlift, which made its way from Austria.

"She's a big machine - Adventure 8. It has a loading conveyor on it that raises so when kids are getting on the chairlift it raises so kids don't have to jump on the chair, as well it has a big television screen on the back for information for our guests so they know what's going on all the time," said general manager Robert Huter.

Hutler adds that after his father's passing a few years ago, he wanted to continue the legacy at the Coldwater ski resort.

"He had the vision. He started the resort 63/64 with my mom. My dad was always a pioneer and always pushing that envelope. He was the first one to have a triple chair. We were the first ones to have a six-passenger detachable. So, we keep pushing the envelope," said Huter.

In addition to the chairlift fitting more skiers and snowboarders, there are some added features for those chilly days, including heated seats.

"So when you get on, it's very comfortable, very spacious. There's a lot of space compared to the traditional chairlifts, and so you're going to get that warm sensation that will warm your core up as you're going up the ski hills, and so on those cold days, you'll be able to stay out for those extra four or five runs," said Huter.

Workers from around the world, including Austria, Germany, France and Australia, began to install the $14 million lift in June.

"This is great for Dopplemayr and Mount St. Louis Moonstone to have just really one of the best chairlifts on the planet at the moment. From June to now, we've started with the earthworks, the concrete foundations and then once those concrete foundations were done we did the steel construction for the actual chairlift," said Jamie McGrath, with Doppelmayr Austria.

Staff at Mount St. Louis Moonstone began making snow Sunday night and will continue again Monday evening.

Huter said depending on the weather, he hopes to have the slopes open by the beginning of December. Top Stories

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