BARRIE, ONT. -- With the province still in lockdown, forcing many to look for new ways to stay busy, there's an exciting pandemic-friendly battle going on in the town of Innisfil, and a local Pastor is behind it all.

Pastor Howard Courtney is best known for his service at the Innisfil Community Church. The local religious leader has just initiated the town's first-ever 'signs war,' and he is super excited about it.

"Peterborough is doing it and when I saw it, I had a good laugh and I thought, hey this is great," Courtney said.

So, the Pastor went straight to the big church sign and changed its messaging. His first target was the owners of 'The Fork and Plate,' a local restaurant.

The church's electronic sign reads, "Hey Fork and Plate, you stepped up to the plate. May the 'forks' be with you next time we 'meat' up".

Deb Burton, the owner of 'The Fork and Plate," responded with a laugh saying, "Games on babe!"

Burton and her husband Ralph then responded with their own sign change, which read, "If your life stinks, Innisfil Community Church has a pew for you."

Burton hopes the 'signs wars' catches on.

"We're doing it and were going to have some fun and we're going to see if we can create a buzz for all of the business and organizations in our community," said Burton.

Burton warns any business can be tagged in this new pandemic-friendly game. There are plenty of potential players and even more people wanting to see it take off.

The Last Shot in Thornton is also taking part, with its sign now reading, "Ok Fork and Plate it's on like Donkey Kong."

"We put it on social media last night and the response was hilarious it was crazier than I expected completely," said owner Tobin Browning.