The future of unpasteurized milk could be decided in Newmarket.

More than 200 people watched as York Region and Ontario Milk entered an injunction to stop Michael Schmidt from distributing unpasteurized milk on Monday.

“The people who want to consume raw milk as their case, because this is for them, the outcome of this particular hearing affects them,” says Elisa Van Der Hout, of Glencolton Farms Coop.

The Crown argued that Schmidt’s Coop at Glencolton in Grey County contravenes the "Milk Act" and operates without a licence.

The proposed injunction would shut down the milk plant. If granted, the injunction could mean charges against anyone involved in the processing and distribution of raw milk.

“They are taking away my freedom of choice to put good healthy food into my body and my family’s body,” says Jerry Isabelle, a raw milk consumer.

The potential health risks and benefits of raw milk were not part of the Crowns case. According to Health Canada, the consumption of unpasteurized milk could increase the risk of contracting serious foodborne diseases.

Louis Skip Taylor, the representative from Our Farm Our Food Coop says there is more at stake.

“Canadians have the right to choose their food, their food security, adequate food to their community, and it’s important to all Canadians, no matter where you are, to stand up for rights,” he says.

Schmidt and members of the farm coop will be presenting their side of the story Tuesday.

He says they have 15,000 pages of evidence to get through.