BARRIE, ONT. -- Motorists with a heavy foot could face harsh penalties as Ontario increases licence suspensions from seven days to 30 for stunt driving charges.

Drivers caught travelling 40 km/h or more over the limit on a road with a speed limit under 80km/h will be charged with stunt driving.

Additionally, anyone clocked driving 50km/h or more over any speed limit will be charged with racing/stunt driving and have their licence immediately suspended.

Provincial police posted a video they created on social media Wednesday, showing the possible consequences of being charged with stunt driving.

"If you choose to speed excessively, this could have some serious impacts on your day-to-day life," OPP Const. Ian Michel said in the video..

Speeding isn't the only factor that could lead to a stunt driving charge.

Aggressive driving, tailgating, racing another vehicle, intentionally cutting off another car or preventing someone from passing will result in a stunt driving charge and immediate 30-day suspension.

Anyone charged with stunt driving will also have their vehicle promptly towed away to an impound yard for 14 days.

The increased penalties took effect on Sun., Sept. 12.