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Giving a voice to the Indigenous 'on the dial'


It's an opportunity for Indigenous people to connect with their culture and for non-Indigenous to potentially discover something new through the magic of radio.

Joyce Jonathan Crone hosts two programs on Hunters Bay Radio, Muskoka's not-for-profit community radio station.

On Wednesday evenings at 9 p.m., the Indigenous music show, 'Jay on the Bay,' takes over the airwaves.

Then, on Sunday morning at 8, Crone hosts 'On Mohawk Time,' which shares stories and insights on life events and situations from the Indigenous perspective.

Crone says the shows are unique in their approach and give a voice an important voice on "the dial."

"It creates a very important platform for Muskoka and beyond. I know we have listeners outside of this listening area as well, to teach and learn and understand and to become allies about the relationship that needs to happen between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous people in the community," said Crone.

Crone is Mohawk, born on the Six Nations Reserve, and an advocate for the Orange Ribbon project, 'Hope Arises,' spreading awareness around the discovery of mass graves on the grounds of former residential schools.

You can catch the unique programs on Wednesdays and Sundays on 88.7FM, Hunters Bay Radio, from the studio in Huntsville. Top Stories

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