BARRIE, ONT -- After 109 days in hospital, Barrie's Will Dwyer is back collecting donations for the Terry Fox Foundation.

"He's a fighter. He's bound and determined to get to that second million," says his son, Robert, who has been continuing his father's cause while in hospital. "His goal 40 years ago was a million, and he did that in 39 years, and now he's set the bar for number two."

The WWII veteran has been a steadfast supporter of the Terry Fox Foundation, participating every year since it began. In 2019, Dwyer gained international headlines for raising 1-million dollars for cancer research.

"I've got cancer, and a lot of people have cancer that I know of in my family. I'm just trying to raise a lot of money so we can get rid of that cancer!" says Dwyer.

Dwyer has advanced prostate cancer, diagnosed approximately three years ago.

With more than 1-million dollars already raised, he's working to double the amount raised with help from the community. Thanks to his efforts, Dwyer has become a familiar face.

"I did the first three weeks here without dad and people wanted to wait to make their donations to see Will themselves. It's just unbelievable. He's touched a lot of hearts!" Robert says.

Dwyer will continue to visit the farmers' markets on Saturdays to collect donations.

If you're interested in donating to his cause, you can click here.