With some innovative thinking, one Georgian College professor is using advanced technology, and a 3D printer, to create low-cost equipment to teach students life-saving skills.

Professor Rob Theriault found blueprints for trachea models online at only four-dollars a unit.  Paramedic students no longer need to share one model to train.

“Now we’ve got a large number of tracheas, so many of our students can practice airway emergency management on a more frequent basis,” Professor Rob Theriault said.

The cost-efficient device will allow students the ability to work on perfecting their skills simultaneously before working in the real world.

The paramedic program is the first at Georgian College to utilize the technology for students, stepping up the possibilities for other programs in the college.

Theriault hopes to print more anatomy for the program in the future, including skulls to simulate brain injuries and ribs for punctured lungs.